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Fruit Set: Finca Altos Las Hormigas

Posted by Kendall

Fruit Set, Malbec, Altos Las Hormigas Harvest 2012

About 40-80 days after bud break, just following flowering, we start to see fruit set. This is our first glimpse of the fertilized flowers that have developed into berries.  The stage leading up to fruit set is directly related to climate, humidity, high temperatures, health of the vine, and water stress- all of which can potentially reduce the amount of flowers that get fertilized.  During fruit set,  Mauricio, Altos’ viticulturalist, is looking for a balanced amount of fruit, not too heavy and not too light.

Fruit Set Altos Las Hormgias, Mendoza, ArgentinaMild weather will promote an even and healthy setting of fruit, however high winds, excessive rain or hail can potentially reduce the fruit set and cause uneven formation of bunches. The vine has entered into a susceptible stage. Cross your fingers!