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Hormigas en una Calicata

Posted by Kendall

«Como no entendemos NADA ! Lo queremos saber TODO! Calicatas y mas calicatas!»
«We do not understand anything! We want to know everything! Pits and more pits!»
-Mauricio Gonzalez, Viticulturist

Terroir Studies with Pedro Parra, Altos Las Hormigas, Harvest 2012

Mauricio Gonzalez, Viticulturist. Pedro Parra, Soil Specialist. Ramiro Guiroy, Agronomist. Leonardo Erazo, Enologist. Antonio Morescalchi, Founder, VP. Leonardo Reffatti, Dedicated Hormiga and Harvest 2012 Support.

Just this past week we unveiled the new 2007 Single Vineyard Vista Flores Malbec, which will be released in the coming months. It is beautiful…intriguing…complex. All the characteristics that we know rely on beautiful…intriguing…complex terroir. We believe this wine has the potential to really start the conversation, Vista Flores will be talked about. But that didn’t stop us from returning to the «roots» of our Terroir Project. If anything, it fueled us to return to the soil, return to work. Each day we know more about what Mendoza has to offer. This weekend the team of ants spent long days with Soil Specialist Pedro Parra, because the work is never done. We want to know everything!